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Regen Medical Management is a private concierge healthcare practice with a comprehensive range of premier services for corporations and individuals in New York City. Knowledgeable and experienced physicians deliver emergency care for non-life-threatening medical issues, chronic condition management and telemedicine services to employees in a luxury five-star environment. Members receive immediate access to on-demand care from physicians in person and by phone any time, along with specialist support.

The Regen Medical Management Difference

Regen Medical Management delivers the exceptional care you deserve that you may not find at a typical emergency room. Many insurance plans may restrict the level of care a person can receive. Since members pay for services out-of-pocket, physicians can spend more time with patients as needed.

Membership plans are designed to cover services that are not covered by typical insurance plans. As an out-of-network provider, private insurance plans or Medicare are not accepted, but staff can file and submit for reimbursement. Learn more about what sets Regen Medical Management apart from other healthcare providers by visiting any of the following links.

VIP Facility and Environment

The environment in which an individual receives care is vital in improving overall health. Regen Medical Management strives to deliver the best experience possible with private suites, imaging and lab testing services and full operating rooms with advanced medical equipment. All the health care services a person needs are available under one roof. Concierge services include unlimited COVID testing, telemedicine visits, expedited pharmacy services and house calls. You can experience the VIP environment yourself by visiting the Regen Medical Management facility located at 9 West 57th St., 29th Floor, in New York City.

Customized Membership Plans to Meet Your Medical Needs

Are you experiencing issues with your current corporate health care plan? Enrolling in membership for concierge services can save you time and money with your health care needs. Regen Medical Management can tailor services to meet your unique needs or the needs of the employees in your organization. Sign up for membership today.

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