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The Emergency Care
You Want at Any Hour!

ReGen Medical Management

ReGen Medical Management

Regen Medical Management offers a comprehensive range of treatment solutions with regenerative medicine, wellness and aesthetic services. Private concierge service delivers on-demand VIP emergency room treatment for members in New York City.

Rapid testing provides immediate results for a comprehensive range of medical concerns. For an annual fee, you can receive unlimited access to the best physicians, specialists and coordinated care when you need to see a specialist or require hospitalization.

ReGen Medical Management

In The Heart of Manhattan

9 West 57th St. 29th Floor
New York, NY 10019

Why ReGen Medical?



Our office is open 24 hours a day so no need for emergency room visits. Our medical team is available when you need us.

Exceptional Care

Exceptional Care

Our physicians are highly trained specialists that will provide the highest level of medical care available anywhere.

Luxury Settings

Luxury Settings

Our concierge medial services are provided in state-of-the-art luxury office space in one of NYC’s most iconic buildings.

Why sign up your employees to VIP membership?

  • The Doctors You Want With the Convenience You Need
  • Replaces Internist & Walk-In Clinic visits
  • No waiting
  • Minimal loss of time
  • Lab services immediate
  • A doctor shaking hands while greeting a patient at a reception desk.
  • Group of coworkers at a meeting.

The emergency care you want at any hour!

Visiting a typical emergency room can feel like a nightmare for many individuals. You may
wait for hours to be seen for non-life-threatening treatment in a facility that may not be
equipped to meet your needs. Regen Medical Management can handle up to 90% of the
urgent medical needs a typical emergency room treats.

Members receive access to 24-hour emergency care with no waiting in a high-end facility
equipped with the latest technology. A team of knowledgeable and experienced
professionals expedite and streamline your treatment for faster care.

No Waiting,
Advanced Technology,
Exceptional Setting

The New York City facility of Regen Medical Management features a luxury five-star setting with views of Central Park in New York City. Advanced technology enables highly trained physicians to precisely diagnose and treat a wide range of injuries and health abnormalities quickly. Imaging and lab services provide accurate results promptly to give you the emergency room treatment you deserve.


Unlimited access to our facilty

physician and patient

Unlimited physician visits


Round-the-clock telemedicine

Expedited access to specialists

Expedited access to specialists

On-site imaging + lab

On-site imaging + lab

Unlimited COVID testing

Unlimited COVID testing

NYC VIP Convenient Concierge Care and Emergency Room Treatment

Whether you have a chronic health condition or need emergency room treatment, Regen Medical Management offers the VIP medical care you deserve. Individual and corporate memberships are available to meet your unique needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please review our frequently asked questions section for answers to the most common questions we hear at Regen Medical Management.

Do you have any further questions?

For additional information, please contact our office and speak to one of our team members.

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