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The ways in which employers can deliver benefits to employees are transforming. Many employees are under greater stress and pressure trying to maintain a healthy work-life balance. By offering better benefits to your employees, it can impact the productivity and profitability for your company in numerous ways. Regen Medical Management gives you the ability to offer VIP membership benefits for your employees in New York City.

What Benefits Will My Employees Enjoy?

Your employees will receive numerous VIP membership benefits through the programs and services available through Regen Medical Management in New York City. Board certified doctors are accessible on demand anytime by phone or visit. There is no waiting for services and no appointments are necessary. Prompt lab and imaging services using advanced technology deliver immediate, precise results and can be done at the facility or in the workplace. Your employees will experience a minimal loss of time from work when compared to other healthcare services. Other perks include unlimited COVID testing, expedited pharmacy services, telemedicine visits, IV infusions and discount perks from exclusive partners.

Personalized and discreet concierge-level services are delivered at a five-star facility with a luxurious view of Central Park in New York City. Employees receive direct attention from board certified physicians and specialists who understand the unique medical needs and history of each patient.

Employee Benefits Reap Returns

Improving the benefits for your employees can benefit you as an employer. Healthy employees experience fewer sick days and are more likely to stay productive in the company. Concierge services can help employees experience fewer hospital stays and emergency room visits. This can lead to better financial returns in every area of your company to help you reach your objectives. The costs of annual membership can be significantly lower than not implementing VIP membership benefits for your employees.

Seamless Health Care for Your Company Employees

How do your employees benefit from your current healthcare plan? If you are looking for
first-class medicine for you and your employees, you may want to strongly consider enrolling for membership. Regen Medical Management can tailor VIP membership benefits for your employees to meet your unique needs. Reimagine your corporate healthcare by contacting us today.

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