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At Regen Medical Management, you can receive access to the best emergency VIP healthcare in New York City. Concierge membership provides access to high quality physicians and specialists on-demand in a luxury five-star facility. Services also include telemedicine, unlimited COVID testing and home or office visits at your convenience.

Why Choose Regen Medical Management?

Choosing Regen Medical Management for your healthcare needs can be beneficial in a variety of ways. Unrestricted access to physicians and specialists can mean less time away from work, along with fewer hospital stays and emergency room visits. You can eliminate the worry with trying to fit an appointment in your busy schedule or waiting long times to be seen during a visit. During your visit, you receive unhurried access to address medical concerns instead of competing for attention with hundreds of other patients.

When you need lab work or testing, you can be anxious while waiting for a follow up call regarding your results. This process can take days and can end up playing a seemingly endless game of phone tag to get the results if you miss the call. The state-of-the-art equipment in the New York facility delivers precise results on the same day with no appointments needed. Once you get the results, you can coordinate any additional services needed to streamline your recovery and get back to daily life.

VIP Facility Experience

The sterile environment of some health care facilities can be uninviting and depressing. You may have to deal with excessive noise from other visitors and worry about illnesses you may be exposed to in the waiting room. Members at Regen Medical Management in New York City receive care in a private suite with a spectacular view of Central Park. You can enjoy a tranquil environment where all your questions and concerns are addressed in a relaxed environment.

Experience the Best Emergency VIP HealthCare

When you have an urgent medical need, you should have access to the best medical treatment immediately. With some healthcare facilities, you may need to travel to different locations to receive treatment, medications and other services. Regen Medical Management delivers the best emergency VIP healthcare in New York City. Schedule an appointment today.

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