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There are always innovative changes in the medical industry to improve treatment options, but the traditional healthcare insurance experience has remained stagnant. Those with HMOs, PPOs and other forms of traditional health insurance often must jump through many hoops to access their benefits. Concierge medicine is geared toward convenient patient care and may be a better choice for some individuals.

How Concierge Medicine Works

The concept behind concierge medicine is membership versus insurance premiums. Instead of paying insurance premiums that cut down the out-of-pocket payments for medical care, concierge medicine members often receive access to unlimited doctor visits and preventive care that is covered by the membership fees.

Concierge medicine offers the benefits of convenient and personalized care for members. While each concierge medicine organization is different, some of the advantages we offer at Regen Medical Management over traditional health insurance plans include:

  • 24/7 access to medical care at our high-end facility
  • No out-of-pocket costs for most medical visits
  • No waiting for appointments
  • Personalized health care for each patient
  • Less time spent on scheduling and going to doctor’s appointments

On top of the convenience and personalized care, Regen Medical Management has highly experienced specialists on our staff to meet the health needs of our patients. We also have on-site imaging and lab testing to improve expedient care.

Should You Have a Traditional Health Insurance Plan?

While concierge medicine is a wonderful alternative to traditional health insurance for routine and preventive medical care, many members still have traditional health insurance plans. This can cover some of the medical costs that may not be included with a concierge medicine membership. Having both a concierge medicine membership and health insurance gives you access to the convenient, personalized care you desire but coverage for unexpected healthcare needs. This can include ambulance services, hospitalizations, medications and other medical treatments.

If the idea of concierge medicine appeals to you, Regen Medical Management may be a perfect fit for you personally or for your employees. We take concierge medicine to a new level with our VIP patient care and luxury facility in NYC. To learn more about how to become a member, contact our office to discuss enrollment.

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