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Recruiting and retaining elite talent for your business requires more than a high salary. If you want to create the best team for your company, you need to differentiate your business from the competition that is recruiting these same individuals. The benefits you offer can make a difference when it comes to employing the most talented individuals for your industry. Offering concierge medical care from ReGen Medical Management may tip the scales in your favor.

Most employers offer health insurance which can cover costs for various medical concerns. Your employees want to ensure that they have medical coverage for themselves and their families, which is one of the benefits they will consider when choosing you as an employer. An additional benefit you can offer is a VIP concierge medical membership, giving them access to advanced healthcare with many advantages for them and your company.

Advantages of VIP Memberships

ReGen Medical Management offers individual and corporate membership options that can provide many benefits for your employees and company. When your employees are members, they will have access to top-tier medical care 24 hours a day. For your employees, this means exclusive benefits that include:

  • Access to top medical specialists
  • Advanced imaging on-site
  • On-site laboratory for fast test results
  • 24-hour emergency care
  • Luxury medical clinic in Manhattan
  • House calls
  • No waiting

Anyone who experiences the advantages of our VIP membership will never want to return to routine medical care. Your employees will value this benefit – no more waiting weeks for an appointment or spending hours in a waiting room for emergency care. Our concierge medical care offers the best treatments and services performed faster. Every member is treated like a VIP at our 5-star clinic in NYC.

Benefits for Your Company

Beyond ensuring your employees are happy and healthy, there are real benefits to providing VIP memberships to your corporate team. Most people must take time off work to see their doctor during office hours, even for preventive and wellness care. ReGen Medical Management VIP members can access medical care 24 hours a day at our clinic, and we offer virtual visits. We can send a doctor or medical professional to your employee’s home or office for treatment if needed. Our VIP membership can reduce the number of sick days your staff uses. For your company, this means less time away from work for your team, leading to higher productivity.

Concierge medical care with a VIP membership is the ideal benefit to offer potential new employees and a fantastic way to reward and retain your existing staff. Contact our office to learn more about ReGen Medical Management and our corporate and individual VIP memberships. We are located in the heart of Manhattan at our state-of-the-art medical facility in the iconic Solow Building. Call us today to get access to VIP medical care for your company.

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