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Employers who are gearing up for the New Year ahead need healthy employees. If you value the people who make your business a success, turn to Regen Medical Management. We offer a range of VIP services to take care of your staff and keep productivity high for the long term.

Every year, countless hours are lost to sick related downtime in New York businesses. While this is bad for your bottom line, you also want to look after the well-being of your employees. Regen Medical Management provides several key solutions that will benefit everyone.

Private & Dignified Treatment

Not every treatment need constitutes an emergency. When your employees require general medical attention, going to the ER may prove stressful. At Regen Medical Management, we facilitate treatment in a relaxed and private environment. If urgent care needs arise, we will liaise closely with local hospitals to make sure your people are protected.

Same-Day Labs & Imaging

Rather than going through the usual drawn-out process, patients at Regen Medical Management can receive lab and imaging results on the same day they attend our offices. This reduces company downtime while also preventing your employees from suffering undue stress.

Yearly or Scheduled Health Checkups

Health checkups help keep employees safe while on the job. Many medical conditions do not present with visible or obvious symptoms. Our thorough examination will identify potential issues and could inform treatment options.

Access to Specialist Support

Employees may struggle to access the right specialist support without help. When you have a membership with Regen Medical Management, we make those crucial connections with medical experts from around the world.

VIP Membership Perks

Our VIP membership offers five-star level care to all patients. You can sign up as an individual or use our services to support your business. From concierge services to specialist healthcare, we represent the gold standard in patient management.

If you would like to learn more about Regen Medical Management in New York, call our offices today. We can create a tailored and exclusive experience to take care of all your medical needs.

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