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When you have health concerns, getting answers quickly is often crucial. For many patients, the long wait for imaging and lab results is excruciating. At Regen Medical Management, we aim to address these issues with advanced technologies and resources.

Same-day imaging helps to speed up the diagnostic process. Specialist medical professionals can review results onsite and recommend treatment options. Combined with rapid lab results, you can expect to experience a superior level of care at our New York facilities.

Advanced Imaging

CT scans, x-rays and ultrasounds are available for same-day review with the use of our advanced equipment. Businesses can avail of VIP membership, which allows employees to benefit from treatment without an appointment. Our goal is to ensure that medical examinations are fast tracked without compromising quality of care.

When you arrive at our New York, Regen Medical Management clinic, a team of dedicated professionals is at your service. Your entire healthcare regimen is centralized, which reduces downtime for workers who are anxiously waiting for test results. Whether you are a corporate or individual VIP member, we are committed to providing the gold standard in diagnosis and treatment.

Same-Day Labs

Waiting for lab results is often a tense and stressful period in an individual’s life. Family and friends will also worry about your health. This waiting game is avoidable in most cases. Whether you suspect you have an STD or need tested for flu, Regen Medical Management can provide same-day results.

Employers can also rely on our advanced testing to screen employees. If you need to ensure that your team members are alcohol- and drug-free, reach out to Regen Medical Management. Our onsite lab makes advanced screening faster and simpler.

24/7 Urgent Care

Regen Medical Management offers 24/7 urgent care via several mediums. Patients are able to receive quick diagnosis, virtual doctors and a host of other concierge services. All our treasured patients are given the VIP treatment in NY.

Call the offices of Regen Medical Management if you would like to learn more about our care packages. We look forward to helping you and your employees achieve better health.

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