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Traditional medical care has become very inconvenient and frustrating for most patients. From waiting weeks or months to get an appointment to spending hours in urgent or emergency facilities to receive medical care, there is much to be desired. Concierge medicine such as we offer at Regen Medical Management is a game-changer for anyone who is tired of the poor patient care received at conventional healthcare providers. Here are some of the top benefits of becoming a member at Regen Medical Management in NYC.

No Waiting for Doctor Visits
Imagine getting to see a doctor at any time of day or night without waiting for weeks, days or even hours. Our state-of-the-art medical center in the heart of Manhattan is open 24/7 and our members do not need to wait to see one of our experienced doctors. Whether it is just a routine wellness visit or you are feeling unwell, you will receive immediate care at our facility.

Save Time on Medical Care
How much time have you spent on hold trying to schedule a medical appointment or in waiting rooms? At Regen Medical Management, our members have better things to do than waste time trying to receive medical care from their providers. We simplify the process and remove the red tape, giving direct access to the expedient medical care you need without wasting your time.

Personalized Medical Care
You deserve doctors, specialists and medical professionals that know and understand your healthcare needs. Concierge medicine is designed to provide a higher level of medical care that is patient-centric. You will receive personalized medical care from our highly experienced medical team, from routine and preventive care to coordinating your medical treatments and hospitalizations.

Faster Results in a Luxury Setting
Regen Medical Management is the pinnacle of concierge medicine in NYC. We have a luxury medical facility in the middle of Manhattan that is designed to make you feel welcome and pampered. However, while it may feel like a spa atmosphere, we have on-site advanced imaging and laboratory testing that ensures our patients receive expedient diagnosis and medical care.

Once you become a member at Regen Medical Management and experience our level of patient-centric care, you will never want to go back to relying on traditional medical care. Contact our office to find out more about enrolling in our concierge medicine membership for individuals or companies.

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